Publishing of a book?!

30/01/2015 |

I am Dejan Jeremic, author and journalist from Belgrade, Serbia. I belong to the politically engaged generation of intellectuals who dedicate their work to exposing political games of the regime which took power after the unrest in the early 90’s and in the aftermath of communism.
I wrote powerful book of short stories based on true events that captured the life, people and events in contemporary Serbia during 2012-2013.
Unfortunately, authors such as me, their works published only if self financed. I would like to publish my book. Namely, since publishing houses in Serbia are close to bankrupt, authors need to come up with their own money to publish their work, particularly having in mind that there is a lot of censorship in the country. Therefore, I need ti invest my own money, which I do not have.
Let’s help me a publish my book and support what each country in the World should have today: freedom, democracy and progress!

Please, click adress: (
Your contribution of any amount would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.